How to buy

New Customers

The Development Toolkit is a mandatory item for new Customers. If you choose any other product the Development Toolkit will be added to your cart and can not be removed.
New Customers, please Register here.  Email address you enter at registration will be passed to payment provider as an identifier for the purchase. Your license keys will be issued under this email address.
If you choose to alter the email at the checkout page, you will not see the license keys under your account.
In case that you enter different email address at checkout, you will have to register again on this site, in order to access your purchase history.
The license keys and download links will be sent to the email provided on the checkout page.

Returning Customers

Customers who already bought the Development Toolkit are eligible to add any product of choice. Returning Customers can check their license keys and other information related to the purchase in "My account".

Extended support

When buying the Development toolkit, you can decide to add an extended support. Extended support will give you access to updates for the purchased version, email and ticketing support for an additional year.
For the purchased version means that if you buy for example the version 2.0, you will get all updates for that version without any additional costs. However, the version 3.0 would not be included in the price.

Payment and Safety

Payment is done through our payment provider "FastSpring". When doing "Proceed to Checkout" from this site, you will be redirected to the FastSpring store and your connection will switch to SSL. FastSpring does not store your credit card information. Your purchase is safe.

Trial version

The Trial version has all the functionalities of the full product. Therefore, in order to get the trial, you must register at our site. The rest of the process is simplified. Your trial license key and download links will be displayed at this site and in the "My Account" section.  Finally, you will get your licenses and download link via email as if it were a regular purchase.

EU Customers and VAT

Prior to 2015, the VAT was based on the location of the business—not where the customer was located. The new VAT rules, effective January 1, 2015, state that businesses must charge the VAT based on the customer’s location.
FastSpring detects the customer location via IP address (which is the suggested way).
You can read more here.

US Customers and state taxes

The United States has more than 7,500 tax jurisdictions with their own exemptions and rules – attempting to understand the rules of tax law while running a full-time ecommerce business is just silly. Currently, the federal government is working on a simplified interstate tax law that will require all online sales tax collections across the board for all states. This means that ecommerce businesses will charge a uniform rate across all internet sales, rather than various jurisdictions and exemptions.
You can read more here.